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My Good Food & Nutrition

For 40 years I have had both a casual and serious relationship with food and neither has ended well. With concern for my own health, working night shift and thinking "was I about to be next on the long list of type two diabetes sufferers". I changed my situation, how did I change my situation? I read a book. 

Read my story, read his book or just get stuck into the good tucker  in ‘my cook book’

“Get into a Mediterranean styled diet”

  1. Stop living in a drought; there is good water everywhere.

  2. Stop eating like there is a famine; start eating nutritionally dense foods.

  3. Stop the sweet stuff, not everything has to taste good; bitter is often better.

  4. Eat more fermented foods, beer is not food

  5. Stop consuming processed products, start dining on organic and home grown produce.

  6. Portion size your meals; smaller more often for the organised

  7. Vary your consumed animal products, as if you’re eating what you catch.

  8. Fasting is natural, starvation is not

  9. Decent Dining Due Diligence

  10. Food is medicine; eat to keep healthy and boost your immune system.    Click here to read more indeapth 

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