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Registrations & Memberships

 Season Subs - 2023-24 Season

(as at 09/12/2021)

Junior Club League Player Coaching Fees

5 Week Course February -March 

  • Tee Ball  (5-7 yrs.) $30 each child

7 week Course February - April

  • Rookie Softball (8-12 yrs.) $60 each child

Colt Club League Player Subs

  • U15 =  $95 

  • U18 =  $95  

Senior Club League Player Subs

  • Social Softball League  -

  • Individual Club ball player - $15

Team registration $150

 If coaching required

- $59 per session

Bank & payment details:

A/C Name: Northwind Athletics

A/C Number: 03-0458-0013321-00

Particulars:  Softball

Code: Team Grade [T-Ball/Rookie/U15/U18/Adult]

[or name of team for social  Softball]

Reference: Players Name.

So we can then match the payment back to the player when reconciling the account.

Any questions around payments should be directed to Paul Hicks 

We look forward to another fun filled successful softball season.

Kindly yours

Paul Hicks
​​​​​​​Club owner

Official club member registration

Upload club membership form HERE

Being an OFFICIAL CLUB Member gets you access to the members only area on the web site, personalized newsletters , video tutorials, first option on master class coaching sessions and discounts on official club merchandise, training equipment and ball player season subscriptions. A Personalized Official Club Member shirt. As the club grows additional rewards will become available. Junior - $95, Colt - $159, Adult - $195

NB: Print off form , complete the form, take a photo or scan it. Pay the fees online.   Then email the form to;

  Anyone can be a ball player and register to be drafted into a team. You do not have to be an OFFICIAL CLUB MEMBER. Just print the form(from the link above) and complete the ball player registration form & pay the ball player course  coaching fee

  All ball players will need to purchase a glove.

Being a new club, currently we have no pre-loved gloves available.  Cleated shoes will depend on the league your registered for. Ball players can purchase their own bats and balls if they wish; though not required as the club will provide this equipment for each teams use.

  Players will buy their team/club practice T-shirt, game day strips will be provided by the club. Game day strips will be returned to the club at the end of the Softball season. All other gear and merchandise can be purchased through the OFFICIAL CLUB SHOP

  Returning Ball players who were registered in previous softball seasons will receive a cash back reward on their 2022/23 season subs. (bring your certificates as proof of membership)

  If you have a current 2023-24 Northwind membership for Martial arts or Personal Training then you will receive a 25% discount on all subscriptions / Course fees and merchandise.

  Official Club Members receive 20% discount off Ball player Season Subscriptions and course coaching fees

  Northwind Tornados Softball Club will register all ball players with the Hauraki Softball Association and any fees required by them.

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