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2023/24 Competitions

Tee Ball Festival 

Rookie 5 week  Competition

Social Softball Leauge 

Paeroa Sports Domain - Paeroa
Round One - 17th February 2024

Game time start: Cancelled

Game #1:  Ngā Whetū Taimana o Paeroa     Vrs    Hauraki Strikers

Score:    No Score

Round Two - 2nd  March 2024

Game time start:      3pm

Game #2:  Hauraki Strikers     Vrs    Ngā Whetū Taimana o Paeroa

Score:    TBA

Round Three - 16th  March 2024
Round Four - 30th  March 2024

More details will be provided once the softball season gets started .

Arriving March, 2024

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