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The notion of Softball on the Hauraki plains was toiled with by Paul Hicks over the 2020 Covid-19 lock down and came to trial interest in the sport at a community hub car boot BBQ evening.

The interest was so good it lead to the planning of the first Junior league team practices  in February 2021.  Using the Hugh Hayward Domain to play ball.


28 children in total came and played T-Ball at one time or another. With a handful of 8-12 year olds practicing the 'Rookie Softball game over 8 weeks.  The opening night was supposed to be on a Monday afternoon though wind and rain pushed it to Wednesday , then again pushed out to Friday by wind and rain. Where training nights on Fridays seem to suit parents, hence have stayed.

2021-22 training season - Both Ngatea and Paeroa was advertised for coaching the game. Though the turn out in Ngatea didnt fly as well as the previous year. the change of days spouted at the problem . Fridays were clearly beret for Ngatea.  The 2020-21 Paeroa coaching didn't have a coach for the 2021-22 season so Paul took over and advertised the coaching sessions. over the season 38 children attended the regular coaching session from February to April 2022. a huge success, so much so the adults watching suggested a Social softball team for the adults. 

2022-23 Training season didn't even get off the ground with all the hugely wet weather from November to April. With the Northwind Tornado's Softball club using the Paeroa domain, wet weather prevents play and practice. An all weather pitch would be awesome, but we are not there yet. This season was very uneventful.

2023-24 Training season - Its here , right now.  We are getting the domain pitch marked out this season with potential to have more pitches to play ball on if we need them. The main diamond will be were we were in the 2021-22 season for the kids  leagues.  this main pitch will be marked out for both Tee Ball, Rookie softball and the adult game. Weather permitting pitch lines will be measured and mowed in the second week of October. Line marking soon after.

Official practice and game play will start first week of November 2023. Muster and other social events following the pitch being marked up.

We have a pop up 'Back Stop' coming and is currently in transit.


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