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Northwind TKD July 2023

- Term 3 public classes start back in Waihi,  4pm Monday 17th July  and Paeroa 6pm Tuesday 18th July. 

- Updated 2023 TKD brochure is now available - More options now available for paying teaching fees. Doc.

- Updated Northwind TKD 'Membership' and 'Course of learning' forms now available on the web site.


Northwind TKD 2023 Training schedule is up. No Change to Paeroa Classes; continuing on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 pm.  Waihi TKD is moving the training nights to Mondays and Wednesdays at the Waihi Memorial Hall. Two classes are being offered in 2023. The first class is from 4 pm - 5.30 pm and the second class is from 6 pm -7.30 pm. All Northwind TKD classes are open to all ages and ranks. The one teaching fee covers you for all classes, including Paeroa classes. Meaning if students are keen enough, students can attend training 4 days a week.


Today practice / game in Paeroa has been canceled as the field are saturated with water. Went for a walk on the pitch at 1pm and water bubbling up through my toes and over my feet, means its too wet.  2021/22 softball season is now over for u;  we will be back in October.

For Ball players  that have paid their season subs, i will be posting or hand delivering your season certificates over the next week.


Northwind TKD - Thursday (Tomorrow) training is still programed to be operating. Remember to visit the web page and read the covid-19 notice for operation of classes.

Personal sessions do not apply. 


Softball Practice is still operating Today.  At the Paeroa domain, King street.  Feel free to wear masks, KN95 kids medical masks will be available. We are operating under the traffic light  guidelines. Those connected to a close contact or have covid-19 should not be at practice.


Vaccine Mandates and how they apply to Northwind TKD, are up on the web site. 


Northwind Athletics News Letter emailed out this week. Doc.


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